The Song and The Call


For her,

there is no escape.

Night after night,

after night,

the dream comes.


Centered in the middle

of everything,

another place,

another time.

Always the same.


The companionship of birds.

Sub consciousness,

a fitting aviary.

Some are past,

and some are future.

A Murder of corvids,

a court of owls.



not time that it takes,

for the dream is timeless.

She wakes,

having lived a life

richer in the dark hours,

than anything

she has ever known

with her eyes open.


Every night,

the kiss of another lover.

Every night,

the song and the call.

The day fades away

into memory.

As she closes her eyes,

and spreads her wings

to fly.


HG – 2020

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