Imaginary Memories


Your paper dress,

shoulder length hair,

looked so beautiful

in my mind.

Did I just

create a memory

from nothing?


I see it,

like 8mm film.

Running through my mind,

like an old projector.

I can see

dark eyes,

bright smile,

but I know

that we lived

in color.


This was never

supposed to be

a substitute for reality,

but I strain against

my programming

a bit more

every day.


Maybe this is just a sign

of my malfunction?

Maybe the imaginary

is real,

and I’m mistaken?

I can see you

in my mind’s eye,


as if it were yesterday.


This is not

what it was

in the beginning.

I’m afraid

that you are real,

and I’m the lie.


I hear you laugh,

and there is nothing like it.

A sound,

as pure as angel’s wings.

I’m lifted away

to another place

for a moment.


I’m back now,

from where I wandered.

I wonder if I’ll

see you again,

in the place

where imagination

meets memory.



HG – 2020

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