Hold Me Close


Cutting holes

in the walls

to let the ghosts out.


as a bird,

a circling condor.


the deep sleep

of the revenant.

Hold me close.

Never let me go.



like a child

that grew up in wartime.


like a vine

to the top of the wall.

Bring fruit,

bring love,

and bring laughter,


don’t bring anything

at all.



in the sky,

sitting in judgement.

Holding my hand,

awaiting the news.


are the winds

in a parable.


a lesson.

Quenching the sword.


Lost on the trail,

or found in an alley.

A little bit of this

goes a long way.

A fist fight

breaks out

during the reception.

Hold me close,


don’t let me go.



HG – 2020

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