What it Is


It escapes my grip like smoke.

I used to think

that I could build it

and it would remain,

but these empty,

hollow structures

give testimony

to the lie

my creations were built on.


Such as it is in life.

The sweat drips,

the fear grips,

the blood spills,

and the mind reels,

but in the end,

you might have to

walk away.

As that place

becomes a cage,

and Heaven

turns into Hell.



We know very well.

How easily it goes that way.

One must become adept

at abandonment

of their compromised position,

and be ready

to move on

and build anew.


Suffer that defeat

and never stop fighting.

Lest we become enthralled

by the chains

of our own creations.







these words sound different

to me, now.

They don’t patronize,

or ring hollow,

because each one


with a cost.



HG – 2020

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