Rescue Breathing


Here in the space between,

where we can easily breathe,

no more intercessions,

no more free-for-all,

crash and burn.


upon crisis,

something lingers.

We don’t shake our skeletons

like in old cartoons.

All those old,

dead things

keep piling on.

This one has been something special.

There is nothing to break stride.

All these new, modern traumas,

piling up on us



and I

think we’re gonna break.

We’re gonna beg for it

to be over.

We think we’ll stand against,

and some just might,

but most

will accept any savior.

We don’t heal

on the inside

the way we do

on the outside.


on trauma,

on sickness,

on instability.

We’ve seen this before,

just not on this scale

for a long time.


watching us undermine

our own foundations,

because we like

to watch things fall.

We don’t know what’s coming next.


we don’t know anything

at all.


take them where you find them.

These slow moments,

and breathe.

Fill your lungs deeply,

because the tidal wave,

shit storm

of history

is about to break over us.



HG – 2020

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