What Did You Write?


What did you write

in the book, my darling?

What did  you put inside?

Did you write about

our walk in the garden,

or the life we lived outside?


Did you tell the story

of how we first met,

or how we learned to love?

Did you put things down

so you won’t forget,

or the things you’ve been dreaming of?


Did you capture the times

that we laughed and cried?

How we travelled the world

in style?

Did you write about

all of your love that’s died,

and sit there quiet for a while?


Did you tell a  tale

of adventure high?

About the land,

and the sea,

and the war?

Or was it a story

unlike any other;

nothing we’ve read before?


Did you put on the page,

your passion,

your rage,

your fear,

your pain

and your hope?

I know that sometimes

it’s hard to explain,

but it’s the only way we cope.


Did you write of the night?

Did you write of the dawn?

Did you describe the Moon,

and the stars?

Did you make all the words

in the world your own?

Did you make all the time ours?


Will you write about me,

when I’m dead and gone?

Will you remember me

in words?

Will you think of me,

when you write in the morning,

to the song

of the dawn and the birds?



HG – 2020

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