Summer Dreams


Another storm blows in.

Cool rain

used to break

the grip of summer’s heat.

These days,

there’s a humidity in the air,

which is strange

for a dry country.


I remember when this place

was a dust bowl.

The end of the road,

as far as anyone is concerned.

Unless, of course,

you were going all the way

up to Alaska,

but few ever did.


I don’t remember resigning myself

to a sedentary life.

Trapped here,

under an endless sky.



I think we might be better off,

if we just

packed up and left.

No regrets.

No good-byes.


I guess,

 I’m in it for the long haul.

I guess,

we’ll see what the future

makes of this place.

Be it climate change,

or human change,

it’s okay.

We’ll learn to deal with it.


Another dawn breaks,

chasing away the clouds,

and there’s the distinct hint

of possibility in the air.

A cautious optimism

that hasn’t been choked out

by the heat,

or the news,

or the bank.


I wonder why

we even made it this far,

if we were never gonna go further?

From this place,

to another place,

maybe where endless sky

meets endless water.



if I complain about humidity now…

… ha, ha!


Let’s see what we’re working with today.



HG – 2020

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