Drifting off course

in a dream.

Wagering there is something

of greater value

in between the sleep

and the waking moments.


Seeing as it’s all fake,

there’s nothing that keeps my attention,

so I,

seem to disappear,

but I am not gone,

I am only searching.


A funny thing happens

when you reach out;

your hands come off your eyes

and you can see once again.

I wonder if you’ll recognise this?

Will you know where you are,

or will you be as lost as I was?


It’s hard to stay in place,

unless you are

wearing blinders.

Some willfully

close their eyes,

some gleefully

sew them shut.


Some trap themselves

in inescapable situations,

because they fear

the unknown.


Once you discover the void,

the heart yearns

to know its secrets

and the fantasy remains

of stepping off into black nothing

and finding out what’s really out there.


It’s a strange responsibility

that falls to us each

in time.

Even when we’re good at hiding

and staying blind.


There is no need to be afraid.

You’ll see,

once you reach out.

Understanding comes

only through experience.

Look around,

there’s a whole universe

out there,

right now,

waiting for you.



HG – 2020

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