Fire Heart

Don’t let the fire die.

The world moves,

the wind blows,

and all things fade in time.

But we cannot slip into the dirt;

put on the grave,

like an old shirt.


we must stay naked.


Naked as the day we were born.

Building the fire higher

for warmth.

Hunting to fill our bellies,

and only then

we clothe our skin,

but we learn

the hunt itself

makes us warm again.


The more we move,

the harder we fight;

we more we feel alive.

It’s only when we

succumb to comfort

that we die.


From the frozen tundra,

to the sweltering plain,

we have attained

some sort of equilibrium

with how we make our way.


So long as the fire

burns inside,

we shall never be cold,

nor want for light.

We’ll keep the creatures

in the dark

at bay

through the night,

so, we might hunt them

with the dawn

and grow with every fight.


The fire is Home.

It is Love.

It is Freedom.

It is Soul.

The first and last thing

that we control

in this world,

is the fire

that makes us whole.


Don’t let the fire die.



HG – 2020


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