Hello… Operator?


Put down the phone.

Look at me.

I’ve been over here

dreaming and bleeding,

and making this world

a miracle for you,

not that lie that you view

through you screen.


You used to be young,

and you used to shine.

You used to see things

in this old sky of mine.

You used to laugh,

and you used to smile,

but you heard the words

of a thief,

and a liar.

Out went your spark,

and black went your soul;

you became a vampire.

Put down your phone.


There’s no one to influence

out there.

Everyone you need

is here.

It’s all designed

to feed off you.

We are the thing

this idea consumes.


So hard to separate,


the guilt,

the hurt,

the shame.

They really had your number,

didn’t they?

Every post you read

formed in your DNA.

I am still calling you home,

if you would just hear me.

Put down your phone.


I know there is still

wonder in you,

under the weight of all the news.

A little care

is all that it would take

to let it shine through.

Take a look around

and see,

that there is still a sky,

and there is still a dream.

We fall for words

we want to believe

are calling us home.

Put down your phone.



HG – 2020


3 thoughts on “Hello… Operator?

  1. We could all put our phones down once in a while. It is scary how addicting our phones become. Face to face conversations are becoming rare. Sad really. Have a great 4th and a wonderful day. 💕

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