North Country


We waited

on the sky

for a long while.

Bustling airport lounges,

giving way to primitive vistas,

unchanged since the ice age.


I always imagined

the wild nature of this place

was the only thing that echoed

the creature within.

Some places can’t be tamed.


Some places

are as visceral and raw

as the day the Earth was forged.

Hard landscapes,

dangerous to inhabit.

Where all of the animals

bear horns, or fangs.


It makes sense here.

The dividing line

between life and death

stands stark

and obvious.

The people treat death

as just another signpost.

A waypoint,

on a constant journey.


I can see

the aurora,

and I can hear

the songs being sung.

Bonfire sparks,

and the waves

lapping the shore.


In a hard land,

the little things

are easy.

Right and wrong,

life and death,

good and evil,

shed their shades of grey

and become as clear

as crystal water,

black as the night sky,

and white as the snow.

A place where a journey ends

and others just begun.



HG – 2020

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