Gain the World


Don’t you dare hang that on me,

even though

it might be what I begged for.

Spent so long

fashioning a noose

from my halo,

but now I’m bored

with the whole idea

of dying.


Virtue has lost its cool,

and the truth has been abused.

We’ve gone insane.

This whole game’s

been playing us for fools.

I’ve never been one

for living by the rules.

Always outside

in the storm,

my hatred kept me warm.


I might have asked for things

that I don’t want

now that I have them.

Played my position

so well,

and got played in kind.

Wish I had more to offer,

than sanguine,

cynical regret.

I’ve got more than this,

I just haven’t found it yet.


Careful what you ask for

in this life,

you just might get it.

Ask and you shall receive.

If you believe it can be had,

you can’t forget it.

You’re gonna walk

some miles

in some shoes

you didn’t think you could afford.

You’re gonna fall

on that new, expensive sword.


No one tells you

what to do

when you get there.

Up here,

it’s wild and exposed.

So tired,

I just want to lay down, now.

But I think

it’s my turn

to build a road.



HG – 2020

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