Sunrise is burning

in your window,

but you’ve been gone

for a while.

A lonely ghost,

on a nameless street,

the haunting of 10,000 miles.


I found your message

hidden in my phone.

Said you were done,

you were coming home.

That morning light bleeds,

but you know

the price that must be paid

better than most.


I know it’s gonna seem

like life

has been

passing you by.

We just do

what we can

to keep the faith alive.

I’ll be first

to admit

we fell behind.

So easy to get lost

in the shit,

so easy to lose your mind.


I saw a message

in the moment,

but it’s long gone, now.

Just like that fire

in your window

has gone out.

I remain the same

man I was

before all this went down.

Just a little more bitter,

and a few of my edges

ground down.


We’re gonna need you here

one day,

of that I’m afraid.

Everyone’s been meeting in secret

and speaking your name.

It feels like

this whole damn world’s

gone insane.

So, I’m waiting

for that fire in your window

to start burning again.



HG – 2020

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