There is so much to say

and I can’t find the words.

Wake up like this again,

listening to the birds.


Who am I

to have known

such a peaceful


And still I find

myself wondering “Why?”


Take a walk

into a wide open space,

lay down,

and throw

all of my cares at the sky.


I walked into this world

in confusion.

I fled from room to room

in terror.

Early I learned,

cutting and contusion,

and I continued on in error.


Mind formed

of weakness,

and of trauma.

Heart beaten,


and black as coal.

Who would seek

to harbour such existence?

What kind of foolish devil

would want this soul?


So, I think I’m gonna

walk outside,

find the open space

and clear my mind,

lay down

and try with all my might,

to throw all of my cares at the sky.


As blissful

as this morning with you.


rejuvenating interlude.

Each moment like this

is cherished still.

This life,

is closing for the kill.


We’re not going

to make it out alive,

so why should we be satisfied

with all that life

has burdened us with inside?


I think it’s time we find

somewhere far and wide,

to lay down

and try with all our might

to throw all of our cares at the sky.



HG – 2020

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