Day Arc

You sure look fine,

up there,

high on yourself.

Up on your pretty little pedestal,

l bet you can see forever.

Like you’re so much closer to God

than any of us

down here on Terra Firma.

Practically a goddamn astronaut,

and about as connected to the world

as one, too.


You know you’re coming down, right?

The higher you ride

that wild parabola,

you’ve gotta know it comes back down,

and you,

and all your finery come with it.

Smashing back into the dirt,

in a spectacular display

of fallen grandeur.


So take a good look around.

Enjoy the view,

make even make a few notes,

and take advantage

of this temporarily elevated position.

I would recommend

doing your best

to not actively shit on people.

Most people remember that kind of thing

and will repay you in kind

at the first available opportunity.


It would also be good,

if you could point out any

upcoming obstacles,

rather than just using them

to jam up the unwary,

and further advance your own position.


you’re only high today,

and tomorrow you come down,

like a toppled statue.


You will lose your grace

and fall,

deeply out of favor

for a while.

You might see

the worst sides of humanity,

and I assure you,

you will see

the worst sides of yourself.

So, enjoy it

while it lasts,

but remember,

it’s all about sticking the landing.



HG – 2020

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