Handle With Care

Did you heed the warnings?

Follow all those hours

of long instruction?

Did you hear and obey?

Or did you think you

knew better?


Disappointment disappears

in the light

of these new revelations.

It could have been

a lot worse,

lucky to have escaped

with your skin.


Life is cheap these days.

Oh, don’t act surprised,

or try to look amazed.

This world

is looking to kill you

in a thousand ways.

Settle down.

Look around.

Here we go again.


I bet you think

you’ve made it this far,

on your good looks,

your wits,

and your smarts,

but I’m here to tear

those ideas apart.

It just hasn’t been your turn,

but I assure you,

it’s coming.


No one escapes

this life


We’re gonna pay

for our mistakes

in time.

The day is coming,

and it’s gonna

blow your mind.

It gets me every time.


You’ll see

that you’re the same

as all the others.

Separated by a thing

that drags us under.

It’s so thin,

that when it breaks,

you might wonder,

how all this has survived

so long,

when it’s all so fragile.



HG – 2020

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