Real Love


We learned the hard way

in our youth.

Thought we had figured it out,

maybe turned a corner on things.

Opened our eyes,

and started to admit

what was real

and what was fake.


Turns out,

I was wrong.


I guess the allure

of an ingrained fantasy,

is a tough thing to ignore.

Especially when we have

so little willpower.


When we want

to smoke and drink,

and disconnect

from everything real

that ever made us feel



This shitty thing is,

in the fantasy,

you lose the good

and the bad.

Every time

we turn away from reality,

we turn away from love,

because love is real.


It could be,

that it’s love

we’re really running away from.

Pain and trauma?

Man, that’s easy.

They only hurt you once.

But love,

that’s a wound that never heals.

A gaping hole in the flesh,

exposing the heart.


I guess we don’t know

how to do love right.

We don’t know

that love can be armor, too.

Love can be strength,

and fire,

and the power to dispel fear,

but I don’t think we know that, yet.


We just keep turning away,

logging on,

taking in,

dropping out,

fucking up,

and losing hope;

because we’d rather have a lie,

than real love.



HG – 2020


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