We made up a lie,

told it to ourselves

each night.

Thought we kept

away the dark,

but we were just

making a home for it

in our hearts.


We thought if we closed the door,

shut our eyes,

and doused the light,

would ensure it

passed us by,

but the funny thing about sin,

is we invite it in.


We don’t seem to know

that we’re the biggest

threat we face.

In even a short time,

we build each other up

this way.


With lies and pride,

and virtuously



bring you down

just as quickly.


Trust me;

but trust is an illusion.

Trust you;

you are an illusion, too.

Setting each other up,

not just for disappointment,

but betrayal.

No more perfect interlude,

before we get on with dying.


Here we are;

each crying out

that we don’t believe.

We just doubt,

we just hate,

and justify

every lie

that we create.


We tell ourselves

we’re warding off the darkness,

but the darkness is all in our hearts.

The thing we fear,

the monster chasing us,

is you and I.

We still try

to rationalize

this utter madness.



HG – 2020


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