Listen to me.

Hear me, please.

I am begging you.

From this place

of pain,

and endless loneliness,

I plead with you

to stop,

just for a second.


Slow down your daily grind.

Shut off your device.

stand up,

and step outside.

Give yourself

a fighting chance

to hear my cry.


We are of the same tribe.

Separated by time.

Caught up in an illusion,

sewn confusion into our minds.


We were supposed to fight,

when something threatened our lives,

but now we’re being “nice”,

while the wolf

pulls out our insides.



slow down,

stay calm,

and breathe,

long enough to hear me.


Things will never be

like they were before.

You’ve been playing with fire,

and we both know

where that goes.

You don’t hear anyone

living in denial.


Listen to me.

Hear me, please.

I am begging you,

to turn around

and face


before you turn on

anyone else.


Did it ever occur to you,

that maybe you’re the problem?


HG – 2020

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