The Night Before the War


Draw me closer to you,

and don’t let me go.

This place is strange,

and these times are strained,

unsure what I’m supposed to do.


I’ve taken it on myself

to stand watch all through the night.

I know there are things out there

that would seek to harm our kind.


They say there’s life here,

like no other.

They say there’s hope here,

in this time,

but they’re afraid that they

are wrong;

I can see it in their eyes.


Hold me close,

and I’ll hold you closer.

I’ll do my best to keep you safe.

I’ll try to keep you out of danger,

while I stand

out in the rain.


This place is not

what we were told,

these times are not

what we were promised,

but we’ll hold

each other close,

and do our best

to get through all this.



HG – 2020

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