Necessary Magic

The place is still there,

but the way has changed.

Long lost,

and forgotten.

We stopped going,

so the way grew over.

Then they bulldozed it,

and built a hospital there.


That most sacred ground.

Portal to another world.

But the universe,

is a strange place,

so there are still ways in,

if you can find them.


Some of us have lost,

in our time,

broken down and derelict.

Others never recovered

from having lost contact

with the other side.

They feigned domestication,

as best they could

before fading away.

Many of us

never bothered;

fading straight away

once the magic was gone.


Time plays a cruel joke

on us all.

It offers us life

in exchange for magic.

Once we have given up

every ounce of what once

constituted wonder within us,

it leaves us;

empty, dry husks,

to die,

alone in a magic-less world.


That’s why I kept looking.

That’s why I never gave up,

and I know

that there are still ways

into the underground,

and the eternal sky.


I intend

to see it all,

once more

before I die.

I’m not afraid.

I know the way.

See you on the other side.


Come see.


HG – 2020

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