Stand Up

Stand up.

For the list of false gods

and kings

is the length of your arm.

So many frauds

are going to want you

to bow to them,

just worry about

being true to yourself.


Stand up.

Because the long comfort

of the grave

is coming soon.

No one is going to get through

this part of life alive.

Never ask

for a moment’s respite.

You’re gonna have to fight.

That’s just the way it is.


Stand up.

Because there’ll be some

who can’t stand up on their own.

Some stood for us all

far from home,

and came back

wearing a broken shell,

and it’s hell inside as well.

The world will show you

there’s no shortage

of people who can’t

stand up for themselves.


Stand up.

You’ll never make

the right move

sitting around.

So many would give their lives

to be where you are right now.

There is no time

to slow down.

It’s up to you how

you’re gonna stand proud.


Live each day

as if it were your last.

Do it for yourself,

do it for them,

but do it with love.

Stand up.



HG – 2020

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