Neglect the Sky

The Sun came out

for the first time

in a long time,

and I was with you

in body,


and spirit.

So simple,

how the day came together,

yet it had all the feelings

of a rarity.


Such as it is,

in hard times,

in a wild country.

Spend so much time

just doing what we can

to survive.

It seems sometimes,

the sky neglects us,

but then again,

maybe we neglect the sky.


Can’t remember

the last time

I just enjoyed the day.

Slowed down,

breathed deep,

and took it all in.

With the sunshine

warm on my skin,

and my life behind me.


With you beside me,

we might forget our troubles.

Cast aside

our cares for a brief time.

The Sun

melts away our worry,

and burns off

the haze of resentment.


Here it is,

an almost perfect moment.

We’ll take it in,

for we know that it won’t last.

Hold on to me.

Don’t let me go

back to whatever happens

after this

blissful deviation.


HG – 2020

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