Out of Fear


So terrified

for such a long time.

My creature of fear,

holds me close

and drinks from me.


Never had the benefit

of being numb.

Always felt everything,

every time.


Time has drained me of life.

Somehow I have found a way

to escape,

but I am still afraid.


Not sure what’s on the other side.

Shrugging off

this comfortable vampire.


Take a step,

and it’s still darkness.

Maybe everything I fear

is in my head?



I know I must be careful.

The dark is full of unseen things,

and if I remember,

the light hides danger in plain sight.


Out of fear,

I move,

lest I go

out of my mind

with fear.


I move through the darkness,

to the light.

I’ve never been brave,

but I’m aware of courage.


I’m moving

out of pure survival.

Driven by fear,

more than love,

more than hope,

more than any other.


An emptiness before me,

that my curiosity fills for me.

This escape,

is just another day.


Save me something

for tomorrow.

I think I see the light

up ahead.

Do I go on?

I don’t know.

HG – 2020

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