Escaping Echoes


They said,

“You don’t have to write every word.”

I told them,

“I don’t think I have a choice.”


I have always spoken,

much like my heart beats.

I never really questioned, “Why?”



maybe a couple of times.


I think that’s why

some people like it outside,

far away from everything that’s wrong.


The mountains stand strong,

and the sky needs no reply.

Just me,


and all that high and wide.


I gave up

trying to try

quite a while ago.

I just open my eyes

and there I go.

Any that I can do

for you,

I will.


There’s more to this life

then you know.

Give it time

and it just might show.


I have always been

the type to talk

myself out of my fears.

Talked myself out of

a few good times as well.


Step away from all the noise,

and head into a place,

where the only currency

is silence.


Fear and words

don’t matter out here.

The sky won’t listen,

and the mountains don’t hear.


They throw back

the echoes of your mind.

You’ll either lose it in the river,

or you’ll find

a little bit of respite.



HG – 2020

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