Buried my regrets,

one by one,

until I couldn’t bear

to dig another hole.

Left the rest

just laying there,

out in the wind

and the cold. 

I swear,

I never meant

to make it this far.

I thought I’d run out of gas

a long way back.

Not sure what I’m supposed to do,

now that I’ve made it

all this way

out into the black.

The lights of places

that I recognize

ran out a long time ago.


the Sun is gone,

but I haven’t run out of road.

So, I just keep going.

I used to throw my cares

out of the window,

just like I used to toss

out my cigarettes.

But these days

I don’t smoke,

and these days

I don’t care.

So, I’m not sure

any of it’s supposed to make sense.

I’m long past the place

where I can turn around.

Been so high up,

guess I’ve got to come down.

Looking for a place to stop,

looking for a place to land,

but neither I,

nor the world


why time

makes a man

keep going on like this.


DJR – 2020

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