I tried to fade away

into the grey

and stay

where the light

could barely touch me.

Always so afraid

of the dark,

but it hid me

so well.



in the brightest light of day.

Targeted and chased,

until I couldn’t run away


I could only fight the light

for so long, before

my soul was sore,

and I tired of the war.


So, I slipped off

into the night.

Hid amongst the monsters

that I’d come to find

were just people hiding,

just like me.


But the dark

has a soul

all its own,

you see.

I felt it changing me,

so I escaped,

but only went halfway back.


Somewhere between

the daylight

and the black.

Between the monsters

that I’ve known,

and my own.




a little peace at last.



HG – 2020

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