Strange that I’m at peace,

considering I’m

caught in the balances.


On one side,

Black Holes.

Infinitely dense,

no light escapes them.


they vomit up

white hot plasma

and radiation.


On the other side,

a billion suns.

Burning incandescence.

Red Dwarfs and Pulsars,

running out of fuel

and imploding.

Collapse and go super nova.

Not the kind of neighborhood

you really want

to hang around in.


Stuck in the middle,

but I’m nowhere near

the hinge pin.

The fulcrum of this is not

something I will sway upon.

Maybe that’s why I’m so calm.


The balance tips

and all of us are gone,

but I’ve been singing

“So Long Marianne”

since I was a child.


I’ve been watching

everything die

for my whole life,

and violence;

oh, I’ve watched it smile,

and strut around in style.



Guess I’ve got a good seat

for Armageddon.

No need to worry,

it’s out of my hands.


I will clap along

to the song

of the end of the universe.

It can always get worse,

but it damn sure

can always get better.

HG – 2020

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