Action Figure

Every word

that we hear,

we hear,

and we think we understand,

but do words

really say

what we feel?


Or, would we be better off

with blood,

and tears,

and fire;


we know that those things

have changed the world.


It doesn’t matter what we think,

what we say,

what we want;

all that matters is what we do.


That which drives us

to expend our energy,

immolate our life force,

and be a beacon,

a touchstone,

an instrument,

of light,

of life,

of change.


Life is not a game.

There is no reward.

There is only now,

and we are long past words.


This is the time when minds,

see what worlds they can form.

By the sweat of their brow,

the steel in their hands

and momentum forward.



HG – 2020

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