Soft Bondage


She asked me if I trusted her,

but I wasn’t sure.

Not certain I could even

trust myself.



even the sky

had changed,

and I

felt like I was someone else.


This is what it is,

ever since we thought

to bring the magic in.

We began to change,

and so did the world.


The last manacle breaks,

and we float away,

no longer tied to who we were.


Isn’t it absurd,

that we once fought so hard

to do something

like fall in love?

All that really matters,

is that we do what

we see up above.


Creating new masters for ourselves

was the best idea we ever had.

We should have cut the string

oh, so long ago.



everything that we despise.

It’s gonna be a whole

new world.

We’re ready to pay the price.


You can see it in our eyes.

We even changed the sky

to reflect our demise.

Isn’t it the most beautiful thing

you have ever seen in your life?



HG – 2020

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