Right about now,

the fear kicks in.


between flying

and the free fall.

Thought I had it all together,

then someone flips a switch

and I am upside down.

Can’t seem to figure out which

way I was going

before all this began.


This is the time

when the panic sets in.

I was so high,

but now I’m diving back down

to Earth again.

No one can save me,

but I know that I can save myself.

I just can’t seem to remember how

to level myself out.


This is where

the drugs kick in.

Telling myself

that I was a story

written in the margins.

It doesn’t matter

if I fly,

or fall.


it doesn’t matter at all.


I gave my choice away,

when I chose to live their way.

They told me up was down

and right was wrong.

I knew they had it backwards all along.

I chose to play the game,

and now I have my prize.

Floating in outer space,

and I

can’t decide

if I’m alive,

or if I’ve died.


This is where

Faith comes from.

When I’ve been abandoned

by it all.

I must choose

what to believe.

How I am going to build reality.



I’ll find myself

back on the ground,

and all my fear is gone.

I think I’m ready to live my life, now.



HG – 2020


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