Destiny in Circles

I throw the light

and the day comes on.

Not what it was,

but something more.

A question

I must ask myself

every day,

every morning.


Impossible confused with possible.

The only thing remaining

is the blood.

I never thought I’d answer

in these words,

but you just kept on asking

and I


said “Yes”.



like the way you wore


Like a star,


but blinding,

and dead too soon.

Heaven never knew

what I suspected all along

was the truth.


The day invades my head,

and there is no escape.

Not that I am wanting to.

Everything finally makes sense.

Caught up in the interlude.


Isn’t it amazing?

The ways we never were.

So much change,

and we’re still

stumbling in the dark,

looking for the answer.


At this point,

it must be choice.

It must be

destiny in circles.

We keep orbiting,

but never quite colliding.


I stand here,


in the grey-dawn light.


for a sign.

When I don’t see one,

I assume

everything is fine,

and carry on

ignorant again.



HG – 2020


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