Full Disclosure

Brace yourself.

Here it comes.

Whether or not

you’re ready for it.

No accident.

No pronouncement,

just a fact of life;

so inevitable.


Maybe it’ll be

the answer to your years

of longing.

Treading the muddy waters

of your dismal



As if somehow

the sky has opened,

and your true purpose


They tell you

the truth will set you free;

and they are not lying.


Open up





The time to act is now.

The lie that straps you down,

is just

an illusionist’s hand.

You need to understand.

The confusion

that you feel

is real,

because all of this is planned.


Unlock the door.

The one you closed

to all of those

things you fear are true.

They’re right in front of you.


We grow,

not by overcoming fear,

but by becoming braver

through exposure.

The day is coming soon,

when you will need to see

full disclosure.


You can’t rely

on your whole self,

when most of yourself

has been denied.

Face who you are.

We’re gonna need

all of you,

in this time,

in this new normal.



HG – 2020

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