The Great Exchange


Here we are,

facing off

in The Great Exchange.

A hallowed place,

where you sell me yours,

and I’m trying

to do the same.


The idea,

or at least in practice,

should be

that we both come out ahead.

You have for me

what I need,

and I have

what you require.


I give to you,

you give to me,


and we both come away

better for the exchange.



here’s the thing;

one of us isn’t honest.

Maybe it’s me,

because I have been burned before.

So, I won’t enter into this

to trust you;

I’m always looking for the rub,

even if genuine.


I might even harbor

thoughts of revenge,

because of past trauma.

Maybe I take it out on you,

during our exchange.

Now you know how I feel,

and both of us are poisoned.

Killing each other.

Infected carriers.


Maybe you’re the kind

who gets a little rise

from hurting other people.

Maybe you take until

the other has nothing left to give.


It might make you feel,

like you’re a great negotiator.

When the person you’re dealing with

is laying dead;

you’ve won.


Every so often,

we run into

parasites and vampires.

More often these days,

it’s because one of us

has been abused.


Have a little care

for who you are

in these exchanges.

It’s how we build the world;

you build me,

and I make you.



HG – 2020

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