Split Tongue Wisher

Breaking down.

Falling in.

All things go back

to the Earth again.


and consequence;

so common,

but not in every sense.


We watched the marbles

roll off the table,

and fall,

smashing one by one

upon the ground.


and responsibility

never escape us.


Looking away

doesn’t absolve you,

just like how


is ineffective.

Dying today,

but we’re

gonna live tomorrow.

You bet on a lie

that you have borrowed

from a stolen line,

in a made up story.



you are gone insane,

and I am sorry,

but I’m pretty sure

that I told you,

just a little while ago,

that there is no escape

from the bed me make.


we all must go.


Rebirth is just a word.

It’s not the one

that does the dying.

As if death were an escape

from of the sins

we’ve been hiding.

To see the truth,

no bargaining

and conniving.

Shedding skin,

just like a snake

and saving face,

is your surviving.

We all get what’s coming.

We all get our own.



HG – 2020

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