In Red


Come to me

in shades of red,

like a dream.


Clouds lit through

my whole world,

suffused with you.






Nothing that could walk

in this world

for very long.



draws us closer,

but never



One of us

does not exist,

and part of me believes

it’s me.


Prefect love,

and perfect care.

So separate from all

and everything.


You get close,

and your light

burns through me,

like a nuclear holocaust.


I’m left wakened

by the phone call,

and there’s nothing

on the other end.


Just sadness,

and empty darkness.

Absent of you,

and unlit by seraphim.


I tried to cry once,

and I could not

squeeze tears

from a broken heart.


The danger

of our dreams,


in them showing us

the truth.


Come to me in red,

celestial vision.

Divine oracle.

Untrammeled love.


I am only

part a man,

in this faded,

lonely world.



HG – 2020

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