Voice in a Hole

Never let me speak,

for my lips

only know lies,

and my heart

is a shadow box,

casting lingering projections

of things that aren’t there

in real life.


Don’t let me promise you

shelter and safety,

for I’ve been a wanderer

most of my days.

Don’t let me sell you

on ghosts of adventure,

because I’ve gone once,

doesn’t mean

I’m going



Don’t listen to me,

I’m not there.

Don’t let my words

catch you aware.

Ignore the sounds

that call to your soul.

I’m just a voice

in a hole.


I’ll call you in,

and I’ll drag you down.

Give you the world,

then turn it around.

Take all I can,

then return to the ground.

That silver tongued devil,

is still just the Devil,

I’ve found.


Don’t listen to stories,

don’t listen to lies.

They’re all selling something,

by the look in their eyes.

When it comes,

their destruction,

won’t be a surprise.

Those creatures,

like me,

court an early demise.


I’ll tell you “I love you.”

I’ll tell you “You’re strong.”

I’ll tell you “I’m sorry.”

That I knew

I was wrong.

I’m heartless,

I’m evil,

but I can sell you a song.

Don’t listen to me.

Don’t follow along.



HG – 2020

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