So long,

been reaching out,

feeling my way around.

This place,


shifting uncertainly.


With every tentative step,

I come nearer to

the calming place.

The warm embrace.

No longer troubled to


your face.


Everything could have been

a blade,

in the dark,

and now the light come in.

I’m no longer terrified,

but my whole world

has been a lie.


I almost want

to close my eyes


and settle back into the dark.


You were not

what I thought you were.

I ascribed things to you;


fairy tales,

hopes of what I wanted to be true.


Now, here you are,

some other creature.

One, that only


resembles something like what I


and felt

in the dark.


It turns out,

everything I thought you were,

was all in my head.


Can’t unbreak the egg.

What’s known, now,

can’t be unknown.

No going back to

the cave,

but I

want to hate you so.


You were the lie that I told myself.

Something that I once believed,

but now, I see.


Fuck you, anyway.


HG – 2020

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