The Sky in Summer


We climbed up

Old Snake Hill,

and sat at the top,

under a ripening July sun.

The trees whispered,

secrets and ancient truths,

that we have long forgotten

amongst the city hum.

We sat in silence,

because the sky in summer

doesn’t need words.


The Sun burns out

in a flash of bright fire,

that paints the sky

in wild, childish strokes.


gaudy and garish.

Unfit almost,

for the firmament.


Then, as the atmosphere

seems to cool;

the light fades

to blues again,

before darkening

into rich, lush violets,

shadow hues,

and soon,

we are in darkness.


Not for long, now;

for this far out,

away from the diode bright,

the full face of the Moon

gilds the night sky with silver.


The Dog Star,

shines alongside its master;

Orion, The Hunter.

Soon, the star fields,

and nebulas,

peek out

from beyond space and time,

to join us in our silent repose.


Bringing out the blankets,

a little wine,

some food,

and huddling close,

we share a moment

under the celestial host.


Maybe we catch

a shooting star.

Maybe we make a wish.

Maybe it comes true,

and this moment






HG – 2020

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