Glory is fleeting,

and Death

lurks ever near.

He sends his henchmen,


and guilt,

and doubt,

to pave his way.


We can be,


the insignificant playthings

of our fate.

So easy to yearn

for comfort kept,

and days spent



To live in lax repose,


that death draws idly by,

and shows us

that our comforts

avail us not.


Then there are the others;

quick of mind,

that see time’s imperial march,

and the Man in Black,

that sits astride his mount,

currying war,

and famine

and darkness in his wake.

He devours the comforted.


While there is much

that needs doing,

so too,

must the terrible be done.


Turn to face death.

Not as simple as it seems.

To daily rise,

and take up arms

against the inexorable fate

of all living things,

for the sole reason

of leaving this world

a little better.


When death comes to this battle,

do not flinch,

do not shirk,

do not complain,

but rise

and fight,

every day.



is the glory of life.



HG – 2020

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