Stacking up,

brick by brick,

the weight on my mind,

on my shoulders,

on my heart.

Day to day,

the only thing

that never falls apart.


I have done all I can

to carry it all,

from the first day,

to the cross.

Maybe I wasn’t made

to be a martyr,

or a servant,

or a king.

Maybe I was never meant

to be this way.


I could see

my only escape,

far away in the weightlessness

of space.

No more burdens,

but I would lose my place.

So, I will hold on

for just one more day.


Another brick

upon the pile

on my back.

I’ll set it down

when it’s time to relax.

When I hear my voice

called upon the wind.

Until then,

I’ll carry this load

for them.



HG – 2020

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