Visitation Day

Are the stars still there?

Do they still call out to me?

Is the ocean still a place

I could lose myself

and drown

in mystery?


The world seems to change

and I would have to agree;

we change with it,



Always some small,

childish part

that won’t accept

that there’s no secrets

in the dark.


We know the world

is deeper than just what we see.

More than hope,

more than a memory.


Not just a ripple in a pond

amongst the rain,

but the sea,

the mountains

and the plains,

all the way

to outer space.


I think it calls us,

the universe,

the larger part.

Unspoken and unseen,

it desires us,

and asks us to be

who we are.

Out potential matched,

only in symmetry

with the ocean,

and the sky.

Reflections of destiny.


From this place,

I can only imagine

stars and waves,

but there will come a day,

when we escape,

into the far away.


Just hold on.

Don’t lose hope.

If you listen,

you can hear it calling;

calling you home.



HG – 2020

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