Thought I would hear

your voice

in all of this tumult.

Rising above,

as you always did.



up until

the nerve is struck,

and they you would talk

with your hands,

and fix everything.



always had an answer.

Seemed to see

the forest for the trees,

at least,

when you were looking.

Now, we see the rising

of the tide,

and there’s no faith,

no reason,

no discernible

rational at all.

Just confusion,

and uncertainty.


Where are you now?

With all your great ideas

and criticisms,

about how the world is run.

Are you lost?

Are you taken?

Are you sick?

are you broken?

Has the world

swept you into silence,

or has age

dampened your resolve?


Maybe you got sick

of being right

too often.

Maybe you were wrong

about it all,

and disappointment changed you.

Maybe you’re afraid,

sheltering in place,

because we’ve never seen


like this before.


Where are your words?

Your thoughts?

Your imaginings?

Missing an anchor,

this conversation

goes adrift.



HG – 2020

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