Smoke Bath

A veil of smoke

burns the eyes,

and chokes the throat.


There is no hope,

only a long,

ragged exhale.


Not even a sigh,

for there is no

relief in sight.


Hot as we were,

now, we are cold

to the bone.


Chilled to our skeletons,

walking around,

looking for graves

to call home.


Wandering spirits,

finding no comfort,

for we’ve been abandoned

by lovers and time.


Sick of creating,


and staking a claim,

screaming, “Mine!”


I’m not sure

the evidence


of our intelligence,

because this

is how we go.



through a veil of smoke.


The destruction

of all we used to hold.


The Revelation

of truths we used to know.


The cessation

of the globe.


Are we ready for what’s after?



HG – 2020


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