Here for You


I don’t ask,

and you don’t tell,

and we go straight to Hell.


Better than we’ve ever been;

in our prime,

but so missing.


I watch you sleep.

The rise and fall

of your breath,

in the dark,

and I think;

that I would burn the whole world

if it harmed you.


Building my strength

means nothing,

when I can’t bear the thought

of losing you.


Suffer to my weakness.

Such a little thing,

like a star

in the sky.


but all my wishes came true.


How do I explain,

that you are my whole world,

and I

still hurt you?


Sitting in the dark.

Waiting for the dawn,

so that you might wake

in safety,

and I might breathe

a sigh of relief,

that you are still with me.


Is it possible

to have too many saviors?

Maybe so,

but I’ll keep

as many as I can.


I’ve never been a good man,

but I will try again,

and again,

and again.

To be your reflection,

your shadow,



I’ll be here

when you wake up again.




HG – 2020


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