Isolation Games

I know you’re struggling

in your isolation.

At first,

you thought you could disappear,

but now your body

and your mind

betray you.


You’re still here;

always there,

wherever you go.

Inescapable to yourself.


Step into the shadows.

I know you think

the dark can hide you,

but it only amplifies

everything you’re trying to conceal.


After a time,

I bet you’ll really hate yourself.

That’s okay,

you’re not alone.

We all know

the same pain;

isolated together

and told it was for our own good.


Remember when you started?

There was a hunger in your eyes.

You thought you could take it,

though you had only just tasted

solitude and silence.

The first echoes of your mind

resonating back to you.


One bite might have been enough;

now that thing

you were so eager to consume

is eating you

from the inside out.

All these tiny insecurities,

blown far out of proportion.


You could spend this time

making yourself stronger,

but it’s so much easier

to feed

your predilections,

and blame everyone,

but yourself.



such a wonderful,



until it traps you

with the person

you hate

the most.


HG – 2020


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