Belly of The Beast

Needing a break

from this feeling of disbelief.

How have I found

my place inside the beast?


Whether I want to be,

or not,

here I remain.

Setting me free,

was a dream

I let escape.


Feeling around

in the dark

for a door.

Stumbling up

and down

the stair.

Pretty sure,

I’ve been over all of this before.

So sure,

it’s there;

the way that I came in.


Emerge from the vacant place.

The void.

The place between worlds.

All this time

I begged for experience;

a different life

than mine.


In other words;

nothing is the same,



Once you’ve seen the inside,

the sky looks different.

Everyone’s the same,

but I can’t bring myself

to count myself,

amongst the

blissfully ignorant.


I know

how dark it gets,

and the terrible things you will do

to feed the hunger,

to feed the fire.



you all know a little bit, too.

Look up,

and tell me

that the sky doesn’t look different.


Where are the clouds?

Where are the stars?

Why is it so dark?

Did I just hear you move?




HG – 2020


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