New Beautiful


Old, tired eyes.

Drifting, hazy mind.

Lazy on the outside.

Crazy on the inside.


Life passed you by,

now, it’s time to say good-bye.

Looking around,

no hope is found,

not even an alibi.


Hands are still scarred,


from a lifetime of little wars.

Some battles won,

another just begun,

but there’s rust on your gun,

and cracks in your sword.


Who would blame you

for searching

for some

new beautiful.

This place has never been fair,

like it used to be,

but regret is pitiful.


You used to find

some solace

in the ritual,

before every day,

but now,

it’s just survival,

and the habitual.


Maybe there’s some saving grace

on the other shore.

Trading the sunrise,

for the sunset.

Maybe she’ll love you more.


Those old days

no longer

keep the pain at bay,

so it’s time to walk away,

usher in

a better day.



I don’t blame you

one little bit.

It’s just the way of things.

We build a life inside your head,

but not the pain it brings.



if we live long enough,

we lose everything.

So, go

to where the weather’s warm,

and flowers bloom in spring.


I know the pull.

We all die until

we find some new beautiful.



HG – 2020

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