The Usher

I invited you

out of your usual space,

out into a wider world.

Watching you


was becoming tedious,

and tiresome.


All alone,

and never heard me whisper

into your ear,

my hand on your shoulder.

I couldn’t steer you,

any more than move a mountain.

All I could do is hope

you mistook my voice

for your own.


Not such a big stretch,

I guess.

You’re all so easily deceived;

I thought if I could just

persuade you

to persuade yourself,

then you might hear me.


There is a world out there,

greater than what you know,

more than could fit

between your two ears.

More than I could ever show.


What can I do to convince you

that you were made for more?

That you’ve been duped,

you’ve been tricked

into living an illusion,

instead of who you are.


I sense that you see

is isn’t all alright;

cracks show in the facade.

So often you ignore

the truth of every flaw.


One day you’ll hear me,

and you’ll know what I mean.

Everybody has a last day,

one last play

to make in the game.


One day you’ll be standing there,

at the edge of all you know,

with only the dark ahead

and the light below.


You’re going to be afraid,

you’re going to want to stop;

that’s where I come in

and push you off,

into the truth again.



HG – 2020

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