Living Once Abandoned

All I have left here,

is what you left me.

A few choice words

and broken memories.

Time goes on,

at least it seems to.

Proving each day,

I didn’t need you.


Split in two;

drawn and quartered out.

There’ll never be enough of me

to go round.

Did you hold some secret?

Did you know

the trick of this,

before you went to ground?

Asking myself,

over and over.

Around and around.


There are some wounds

that never truly heal

with time.

In particular,

the things that scar

the mind.

I am fortunate

in that,

I found others

of my kind.

We await the day,

we can come out

at night.


Leaving you behind

was the hardest,

that first time.

It became easier

to read the signs.

How much did it cost me?

I’m not sure I’ll ever know,

but I keep paying the price,

like I’ve always done before.


I hold my hands up

to the sky.

I speak the words.

I close my eyes.

I hope you found

whatever you needed in life,

because I’m finding mine;

even though it’s hard, sometimes.

Living once abandoned.



HG – 2020

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